Mr Woods-Jones, Norfolk

We all work hard in our lives and try to save up a pension for when that time comes for us to finally retire. It is a bit of a worry hoping that we have saved enough to carry on living that lifestyle that we have been accustomed to while we have been working. I was talking to one of my customers and it came up in conversation on how quickly that time was approaching and that I was a little concerned about my pension pot and weather I would be ok. The customer in question recommended Matthew Douglas as very good financial advisers and told me that she and her husband were very pleased with them and how helpful they were. After doing my research on their website a meeting was arranged with Georgia Hall who came to meet me. She was very helpful and we went through the usual questions about my finances and pension and what I was expected from it when I finally did decide to retire. I have been saving in a personal pension since I was 21 which was ticking over but not really doing much over the last few years.

Georgia went away with the figures and came back to me with a plan. Like I have said she was very helpful and nothing was to much trouble. I gave them the go-ahead to take over managing my pension pot and finances for me. They have been very good in keeping me informed with what they are doing. I have very little knowledge about the big financial and investment world and it is good to know that Georgia and Matthew Douglas Financial Advisers our looking after me and planning for my retirement.

Once again I can’t thank Georgia Hall enough.