Client Referral Programme

Whether you are referring a friend or have been referred yourself, the Matthew Douglas Client Referral Programme is a brilliant way to share your good experiences with your community

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Refer a friend: Rewarding your recommendations

As with any financial decision, it pays to heed expert advice to gain insight and generate wealth. We should all trust the people we know to be experts in their field, but we also trust friends and family, who know us best.

When you come across something good, it is always nice to share that with the people you care about. Whether it’s a must-see film, song or a wise investment, your recommendations could make a real difference to people you know.

This is why we’ve launched the Matthew Douglas Client Referral Programme.

Introducing the Matthew Douglas Client Referral Programme.

How does it work?

The Matthew Douglas Client Referral Programme is very straightforward. If you’re happy with the service you’re enjoying from our team of financial experts, simply recommend our services to a friend, family, colleague or acquaintance.

If they arrange a meeting with us, you’ll receive a £50 voucher to spend at John Lewis & Partners.

How many friends can I refer?

There is no limit to how many friends you can recommend Matthew Douglas to. After all, we believe in cultivating wealth and creating lasting relationships.

Spread the word, share the joy

We appreciate you choosing our growing team of independent financial advisers, which is why we are pleased to reward your recommendations to friends, family and colleagues. Of course, if you’d rather keep your association with us to yourself, that’s absolutely fine too!

*Terms and conditions

To qualify to earn your free £50 gift voucher for John Lewis & Partners, simply recommend our services and share this link:

We will then be in touch with them to arrange a free consultation to discuss their financial objectives. If they arrange a meeting, specify a preferred adviser and give us your name, we will send you your £50 voucher.

This process is repeatable and not limited, meaning you can recommend as many friends as you like to keep earning rewards.

Just make sure that your friends specify a preferred adviser and name you when they register their interest!

Referral Programme

You’re here because a friend, family member or colleague has recommended you get in touch with our team of award-winning financial advisers. Welcome!

Simply fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your financial objectives and explore how we can make you as happy as the friend who referred you.

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