Prudential seminar: ‘Advising in 2015’

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March 2015: Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge, Surrey

Russell attended the Prudential seminar, focused on Advising in 2015.

The 2 hour seminar covered reminders of the Pensions Freedom reforms that will be introduced next year and how we should be advising you, our clients, especially with regard to Longevity Risk – i.e. the risk that clients may be tempted to withdraw a significant portion of their retirement savings whilst ignoring the obvious fact that they may well have a good few years during which they will have a real need for this income.

One of the Prudential’s Fund Directors also gave an overview as to what makes a good Fund Manager (‘never buy what you don’t understand’) and his positive views on the current state of the world economy, in particular the UK and US. Since the Prudential manages client Assets of over £460Bn, then it is always worth listening to what they have to say!