Standard Life – Property seminar June 2015

Standard Life Commercial Propoerty seminar ColchesterJun15

Colchester Football Club, 4th June 2015.

Find out what ‘Dwell Time’ is…

Mark was at the Colchester Stadium enjoying an update on the Commercial Property Sector courtesy of Standard Life.   The IGNIS fund manager George Shaw remains upbeat about the property market.   Indeed George has been looking to buy properties in the retail sectors where there are ‘Dwell Time’ opportunities.   This technical jargon is simply the areas around a retail unit where the likes of you and I can sit and eat and drink coffee and in my mind ‘dwell’ on how much unnecessary stuff i have bought!   George has been running the fund since virtually from its inception, the fund recently developed the new Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Sudbury.

For our clients local to Sudbury give a thought that when your are next shopping in Sainsbury’s you own a small part of the building!