Here at MDL we like to mentor and support aspiring financial services professionals of tomorrow. Riham is a case in hand. Although new to the country and its financial services system, Riham’s ambition is to become a successful mortgage adviser.

To assist her in realising her objective, Frank wampamba, our mortgage expert has over the last 15 months supported Riham through the LIBF mortgage qualification course for which she hopes to sit her licensing exams in the near future. This has involved weekly reviews of the course work, including guidance, discussion and explanation of the structure and operation of the UK financial services industry and system, as well as sitting in and observing live advice and recommendations meetings to provide a more practical aspect of the financial planning and advice process.

In the course of her journey with us, Riham has been able to secure a permanent job opportunity with a strong UK financial services institution, and has put this achievement to the mentorship and support offered by MDL. We wish Riham the best of luck on her journey to becoming a Financial Services Professional.