Mark at The House of Commons…

Houses of PMarkJul15

Did I meet someone famous in the Houses of Commons rest rooms??


No …however I did recently learn about the state of the economy and insights from 5 fund houses.


To summarise global growth is fragile and any bad news is causing shocks. We still need to diversify and hold fixed interest even in a rising interest rate environment.


Despite the lowest interest rates in history, has the world been paying down its debt? No it has become even more indebted, with total global debt as a % of GDP rising from 246% in 2000 to 286% in 2014.


I’ll leave you with an interesting fact about the Houses of Parliament;


No Monarchs Allowed

Constitutionally, the monarch is not allowed to enter the House of Commons. The Queen actually has a throne in the House of Lords in which she sits for the traditional opening of Parliament. The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod traditionally goes to the House of Commons on the Queen’s behalf to summon them to the House of Lords for the ceremony. No monarch has entered the House of Commons since King Charles I stormed into the chamber to arrest five MPs for treason. It probably didn’t help his popularity much and it was a catalyst for the English Civil War.