Marin Lewis warns of spate of ‘urgent payment required scams’ – please stay vigilant

Please find below a link to a worrying article regarding a spate of scams that urge you to make an immediate payment and then find your bank account fully depleted as a result, highlighted during a phone-in that Martin Lewis held recently regarding personal finances on This Morning.

The key take-away is as follows:

‘Martin went on to assure viewers that bank staff would not call customers and push them to move money urgently.

“They’re not going to ask you to make payments in that way and ask for account details,” he insisted.

“And if they say call us back on the bank number, don’t put the phone down and then pick up and redial the right number. Because they could be hanging on and play a ringtone for you”.’

We urge all of our clients, their friends and families, to stay vigilant during these difficult times.