What makes a perfect union between adviser and discretionary fund manager? Our CEO, Matthew Pescott Frost, explains in Citywire’s newest report.

Citywire, the financial news site, has released a special new report for investors talking about why financial advisers work with discretionary trust managers; how these partnerships are formed, and how they benefit clients.

Broken down into three distinct chapters, the Outsourcing 2023 Report explores:

  • Catalysts driving demand for outsourcing
  • Discretionary fund managers reveal their secrets for the perfect partnership
  • Outsourcing 360: what other functions are being outsourced besides investment management?

In chapter 2 of the report, our CEO Matthew Pescott Frost explains our recent outsourcing journey with Evelyn Partners, which began last year.

Under this partnership, clients with invested assets below £250,000 are offered a bespoke managed portfolio run by Evelyn, on our behalf. This constitutes nearly half of our clients, but critically only 15% of assets under advice.

Very often, these clients have less demanding portfolios, but are still growing their assets and saving for the future. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these portfolios are any less vital than our wealth clients – but it is prudent from an admin and time perspective to outsource this offering so that we can focus on the generally more  nuanced needs of our larger clients.

“The strength of any relationship is a strong mutual understanding,” explains Matthew. “We’re now 10 months into our discretionary fund manager [DFM] partnership and I can see the competitive edge it’s providing us.”

To explore what makes the perfect partnership between discretionary fund managers, read the full report here: