Brexit – UK’s EU Referendum Result. A view from Matthew Douglas Ltd view

We have woken this morning to a world which seems to be very different to the one we went to sleep with yesterday.


The decision we have taken as a democracy to leave the EU is still an emotive one and with markets reacting negatively, it will certainly remain emotional for some time.


For our clients we would like to reassure you that we are here and our door remains open to support you and advise you moving forwards.


Volatility is not new to investments. Risk has a relationship with reward and this will continue. In the short term we do see that markets will be very reactive to individual pieces of news as they break over the rest of this year. We have a period of uncertainty which markets will not like, but this is why we diversify investments between various geographical areas and assets to spread the risk of your investments.


Many of us remember the ‘credit crunch’ and recession that followed. What is important to remember is that the decline lasted for 2 years or so, but was then followed by 6 years of fantastic investment returns. The point here being that it is dangerous to react emotionally when it comes to investments. Maintaining for the longer term is a tried and tested tactic for profiting from investments and this has not changed.


Equally, it is worth considering how this negative movement in markets has created a fantastic buying opportunity. Prices of shares are down meaning if you invest now, you are paying less. The mantra goes “Buy low sell high” and right now the markets are lower than they were.


Again, we remain at your disposal. We will never shy away from open and honest conversations with clients about their affairs and will always work with a vested interest in creating, preserving and growing your individual wealth.