Another Chartered (Associate) Adviser at Matthew Douglas!

We at Matthew Douglas are happy to announce that after many years of exams, Georgia, one of our advisers, has just become a Chartered Associate of London Institute of Banking and Finance!

We are extremely proud of Georgia, especially having to finish her work during these times. We asked Georgia what this meant to her and this is what she had to say.

“After finishing school at age 16 with dyslexia, and deciding to start my career in finance, it has always been a goal to complete the advanced diploma which will enable me to apply for a ‘chartered associate of the London Institute of Banking and Finance’ status.

This has meant that I have had my head in books for 6 years, which seems like forever. Having now achieved this, it should give clients confidence that I have a high level of knowledge within the industry, combined with ever-increasing experience. It will also encourage my younger colleagues to start on this journey themselves.

I will continue to study towards gaining fellow status, however, I feel it’s time for a short break in the sun (whenever COVID allows!).”

Congratulations Georgia!

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