Added value support

Employer-provided income protection

While the financial benefits are usually the main reason why people choose to protect their income, income protection products frequently come with a wide range of added value support. This type of support – for both the employer and employee – usually comes as part of the policy and doesn’t cost anything extra.

Some of these support services can include:

Preventative measures
Many insurers provide specialist support services to policy holders, which enables employees of company schemes or individual policy holders to receive rapid access to assessment for a range of health issues, including muscular problems and mental health conditions. Policy holders will often have a dedicated case manager assigned to them to take them through the whole process. This can include a tailored treatment plan and access to a wide range of specialists, including psychologists, physiotherapists and other qualified professionals.

Accessing support services
Most insurers have dedicated Employee Assistance Programmes which provide access to support services 24 hours a day. These can offer support on a range of topics such as finance matters, relationships and legal issues, as well as dedicated mental health counsellors. These services can be accessed through dedicated helplines as well as through interactive online services.

Rehabilitation services
Rehabilitation services are at the heart of most protection insurance products. Many insurers offer access to rehabilitation teams who help manage an employee’s or individual policy holder’s sickness absence. They often offer access to counselling and a wide range of other services, including assistance with HR issues and legal assistance. Many income protection policies have specific mental health pathways for people to get the tailored assistance they need.