10 reasons to boost your pension between now and April 2017

Pensions remain the most tax efficient way to save for retirement. And the new freedoms have removed any lingering barriers to accessing funds and passing on unused funds on death. Please find 10 reasons why boosting your pension between now and the end of this tax year could make sense for you:

  1. Tax relief at highest rates
  1. Avoid the annual allowance cut for higher earners by using carry forward
  1. Last chance for a £50k carry forward
  1. Boost SIPP funds now before accessing flexibility
  1. Recover personal allowances
  1. Avoid the child benefit tax charge
  1. Sacrifice bonus for an employer pension contribution
  1. Providing for loved ones
  1. Dividend changes and business owners 
  1. Pay employer contributions before corporation tax relief drops

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss further on any of the above points.

Thanks, Russell